RIP Braces. Say hello to invisible TAC aligners

What are they?

Aligners are the “next-gen” of braces, which are more comfortable, more convenient and less painful than traditional dental braces. Used to align and adjust teeth and common teeth problems, aligners are transparent and made from plastic.

TAC vs BRACES supervisor_account

How It Works?


Smile Assessment
-check if you fit the eligibility for aligners

Treatment plan

Get a 3D intraoral scan and a physical assessment.
Design your smile, the way you like it, and get a treatment plan

Get your Aligners

Once approved by you, your aligners will be delivered to you in 7-14 days, after which you are required to wear them for 20-22 hours everyday for optimum results




The Aligner Company is a dental technology company with rich experience and expertise in dental care, cutting-edge engineering expertise and benchmarked production prowess. With a team of experts and a mission to innovate, TAC set out to change the way smiles are shaped. TAC manufactures clear aligners, made from US FDA approved material, alongside its proprietary design software powered by a one of a kind AI engine, which helps it to create custom solutions for each patient and case.


A Better Solution

Why TAC?

Almost invisible

The TAC aligners are nearly invisible, giving you the confidence to shine your smile, even during the treatment period.

Faster treatment

TAC aligners are proven a better and faster solution to getting your desired smile.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Not only more hygienec than traditional braces, super easy to use and very comfortable, you will almost forget that you are wearing aligners